Credit dating

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Credit dating

What you should be sharing and finding out during the dating period is the financial values the person has. Does she think having a lot of debt is no big deal? “It’s probably not a great idea to ask for someone’s financial history on the first date,” said Mike Cetera, credit card analyst at

“However, it’s better to know if a potential partner has a history of bad financial decisions before the relationship goes too far, especially if you plan on making large purchases together or sharing bank accounts.” You should not be making large purchases with someone you are dating or sharing bank accounts until there is an, “I do.” Just saying. In the subject line put “Dating and Credit Scores.” Live chat today Join me at noon (Eastern) for a live discussion with Erin Currier, director of financial security and mobility for The Pew Charitable Trusts.

As we enter the work force and look to start families, we are paid entry-level salaries that would be manageable with the cost of living three to four decades ago. Real income growth has been replaced with access to credit.

I had a comfortable emergency savings, so we put half his remaining funds into the loan one month, and another half the next month.

In creating a dating profile, requires users to disclose where they fall in a range of credit scores.

In a drop down menu here are your choices (the higher the score, the better credit risk you are): — 801-850 — 751-800 — 701-750 — 651-700 — 601-650 — 600 or below But the reporting is on the honor system.

Six percent of the survey respondents thought that people should share credit scores within the first few dates.

That’s way too soon to share such intimate details of your financial life.

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At my age, however, dating someone with debt would make no sense at all. ” “I see many seniors, male and female both, looking for nurse or purse, to pair up with someone that can afford them, take care of them physically and/or financially,” De Ann wrote. If I did not already have my partner, whose only debt is a mortgage and one credit card, I would not take up with a man in debt for other than [if he had] a mortgage. Anyone with 40 years of work under his or her belt should have something to show for it.

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