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Ed roared with pleasure and gave my butt a hard smack with his palm.

Then he pulled back my nuts and crushed them against the shaft of his dick as he reamed my hole like a madman.

"I love to feel it grabbing my big hard dick." Any further protest from me stopped when he started working my ear and neck over with his hot tongue, his stubbled chin prickly against my tender skin.

His big, callused hands alternately massaged my pees and slid up and down over my hard, smooth torso.

He was pounding the bejeezus out of the little pleasure knob tucked up inside of me and my cock head was all flared out, fit to bust, leaking clear juice in a steady stream.

I reached back and started slapping his hairy ass, making him plow into me even more vigorously.

Ed woke me up early that morning when he wedged the head of his nine-inch prong between my swollen, sticky ass-lips and started prying my sphincter open.

"Jesus, man, it's still dark outside," I mumbled sleepily.

I grunted as he pulled all the way out of me, then rammed back in up to his short hairs.I was lying on my side and he was already stuck in deep, so I pulled one leg up towards my chest to give him a clear shot at what he wanted. "You already fucked my balls into a knot last night.Keep this up and I'll have to get my damned asshole relined with PVC piping." "You've got a hot ass, Nick," he growled in my ear.Out he came again, his cockhead smashing into my big nuts as he tried to find my gaping shitter again.His aim improved with the next stab and his sword went right back into the sheath.

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Nevertheless, my groin started to tingle as soon as my aching chute sounded the alarm that there was a full-scale invasion underway.

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