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Jenny Mc Carthy was named 'Playboy''s 1994 Playmate of the Year and hosted MTV's 'Singled Out' from 1995 to 1997.

She hosted her own self-titled talk show and starred in the sitcom 'Jenny' before joining 'The View' as a co-host in 2013.—most recently appearing on the cover of the magazine's July/August 2012 issue—as well as in advertisements for companies like Candie's.

“When they saw ‘The Gong Show,’ and I would come out, they all thought I was whacked out of my mind. I had a public company.” Barris’s most outlandish moment, though, came in 1982 when he wrote an autobiography announcing he had served as a contract CIA assassin during his time working in television.

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In April 2014, she announced her engagement to Wahlberg on , showing the audience her yellow sapphire engagement ring. Mc Carthy is also the cousin of comedian and Academy Award-nominee Melissa Mc Carthy.