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GAUL - GAUL is a relatively new initiative from the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), a specialized agency of the U. It aims to codify all the world's statoids and their changes, from about 1990 on.So far it has developed data for countries, primary, and secondary divisions, including boundary data and entity codes.

There is even a code for Alderney (GBA), which is a dependency of Guernsey.

Faroe Islands didn't compete in the 2004 Olympics, but in the Paralympic Games they were identified by FRO rather than the former code, FAR.

The code for Trinidad and Tobago changed from TRI to TTO in 2014.

a It shows United States Minor Outlying Islands as nine countries: Baker Island (FQ), Howland Island (HQ), Jarvis Island (DQ), Johnston Atoll (JQ), Kingman Reef (KQ), Midway Islands (MQ), Navassa Island (BQ), Palmyra Atoll (LQ), and Wake Island (WQ).

It treats Palestine as the Gaza Strip (GZ) plus the West Bank (WE); also, a code is assigned to No Man's Land (NM), a small and winding band of neutral territory near Jerusalem.

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FIFA - The FIFA (soccer) codes are taken from the FIFA website , with supplemental codes as shown in Wikipedia .