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The distinctive features being that whereas the 2-spot is quite ovoid in shape, this one is more circular (a characteristic of the chilocorine group of ladybirds), and that the red spots are placed rather farther forward on the elytra than the 2-spot's centrally placed spots.While the spots on this specimen do not appear particularly 'kidney shaped', they are 'within the normal variation' for the species.

The black form usually has a pure black 'pronotum', that's the area of the thorax just in front of the wing cases.

And just to make life even more difficult, it does not always carry 10 spots.

As the background colour varies, so some of the spots can merge with the background.

The third image illustrates the transition process from larva to pupa.

The larva becomes dull and slowly shrinks into the 'hunched up' form of the pupal state shown in the fourth image.

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Like most ladybirds, it predates on aphids - but only on certain species of aphid.

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