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Thus Artois had gateau razis, and Bournonnais the ancient tartes de fromage broye, de creme et de moyeau d'oeulz.

Hearth cakes are still made in Normandy, Picardy, Poitou and in some provinces in the south of France.

Torte is the German word for cake, with similar properties.

For over 100 years, Balfour has been the leader in class ring, college ring and championship ring design.

Our expert craftsmen design rings that embody school pride and signal achievement, using only the highest quality materials available.

Since the Second World War, however, usage of the term has honed in on an elaborate 'cream cake': the cake element, generally a fairly unremarkable sponge, is in most cases simply an excuse for lavish layers of cream, and baroque cream and fruit ornamentation...

The word gateau is the modern French descendant of Old French guastel, 'fine bread'; which is probably of Germanic origin.

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