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Rounds chatroom sex

The in-universe explanation for the lesbian sex panel seems to be that cyborgs of the same gender are especially compatible.This splash panel is apparently a "side business" for Motoko, as stated by Masamune in the back of the manga collection.She has a much more slapstick, vivacious, and sexy personality.She participates in a lesbian sex splash panel and has a boyfriend.Ultimately, Shirow decided it wasn't important to the plot.In the second edition, released on November 17, 2004, the scene is completely unedited.She is a very effective leader and is able to use her wits and cybernetic body in bringing criminals to justice.However, despite the number of cyborgs in Section 9, Kusanagi hand-picks Togusa, who has undergone only minimal brain modification, to balance the roster, an interesting expression of her belief that homogeneity is a weakness and that versatility is a strength.

Homosexual e-sex is safe because the participants have the same body parts being stimulated (in Motoko's three-way panel, the fondling of a breast).Kusanagi's various incarnations in the manga, movies, and TV series all portray her differently.Since each of these has an independent storyline, Kusanagi's physical and mental characteristics have been modified in different ways." After this line, the scene unfolds with slight differences, depending on which version of the show one is viewing.In the American version, the boy replies, "Maybe some other time." Motoko then chuckles to herself, turns her back to the boy, and appears to sleep.

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