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The Irish wrestler, 36, teased sci-fi fans with an ambiguous, double-negative message saying he “can’t confirm” that he “won’t not be” taking up the role.Recently, Sheamus, real name Stephen Farrelly, was spotted close to where filming is taking place on Skellig Michael island, further heightening rumours of his cinematic debut.“It just kind of resets me every time I come home and reminds me how it started and how far I’ve come, and it’s kind of like the same thing where you’re so busy that you sort of get lost in the day-to-day stuff but you come home and it really puts everything into perspective.”Asked whether it’s a special trip given his wrestling roots were planted in the UK and Ireland, Sheamus answers: “Of course it is.This is where I started, I started in the UK and in Ireland wrestling, did my first couple of tryouts here a couple of years ago, well actually more than a couple of years ago back in 2005, 20 so yeah, it’s very special for me.“My home is across the pond [in St Augustine, Florida], but I lived in London for a short while, travelling back and forth from Ireland to the UK to wrestle on my holidays and on my breaks, bank holidays and weekends and what have you to perfect my craft and to go into WWE with some experience.“Everything about being here is like being home.The television programs, the TV, the culture, the vibe, you know it’s always special when I get to come back to this neck of the woods.”While we discuss all things inside and out of the ring, staff are busy outside changing the banners that surround Wembley Arena’s bigger brother – Wembley Stadium.The NFL International Series arrives in London for the third and final time this year on Sunday when the Jacksonville Jaguars ‘entertain’ the Dallas Cowboys, the emphasis being on the Jags staging another of their home games here in London.

Not only did the feud work, it saw the three become the biggest talking point in the UK ahead of the show, and it’s something that Sheamys can’t help admiring himself – not that he has anything nice to say about The Miz.“What do I think of The Miz?It’d be unbelievable.”Sheamus has a point that he argues well.Yes, the NFL is up to three games in its International Series staged in London this year, and the inevitable feeling is that a London franchise is a case of when rather than if.“I think NFL is a great sport, it’s a fun sport but let’s be honest, football is number one. I think when you compare NFL to WWE there’s no comparison, WWE would blow it out of the water.“I think NFL is cool because they come over once a year or whatever and I think people are intrigued by what it’s about, but we come over here twice a year, sell-out arenas all over the country.That’s consistency, and I’m pretty sure we could come four times a year and sell-out all over the country.

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It was like the first of its kind, to broadcast that match on the network and it shows how powerful the network can be with so much opportunity and options that the WWE can put any match on there, anytime, anywhere, exclusively for the fans that subscribe to the network.“We’re also giving the network away free for the month of November in the US.

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