Two year rule dating

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Two year rule dating

I am fiercely independent, so being single again actually didn’t bother me so much.Being a single mom wasn’t high on my list, but being without someone in my bed, … That lasted maybe three months—the not wanting someone in my bed.Instead, we hold off and play it cool to make ourselves seem a little more mysterious and non-attached.Why this is bullshit: We’re not being authentic—which I never think is a great way to start a relationship, even a casual one.Why people follow the rule: if we don’t know where the relationship is going, we don’t like to close off all of our other options.And we do tend to be a bit cynical in the beginning and fear we’re going to lose interest in the person or the person is going to lose interest in us.

Why this is bullshit: Sometimes the chemistry is there, you’re both into each other, and we’re all adults.See Amber Rose’s recent “Walk of Shame Video” if you’re having any doubts.Don’t ever assume the person you are dating or sleeping with is only dating and sleeping with you.They are the ones who will call you right after a date to tell you what a great time they had, send you as many text messages as they feel like, and sleep with you whenever they feel that connection with no judgment.And isn’t that what we’re all ultimately looking for?

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And aren’t we too old to still be playing these games with each other?