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Updating edgar access codes

The Access database is self-contained, with no links to external tables.

Many products can be of any given category, and any given product can belong to more than one category.

When using MS Access on a PC to use an Access database (that is, offline), the application software is the front-end and the database file () is the back-end.

In effect, what you’ll be doing is replacing the forms listed under the Forms tab in Access.

Before getting into the nuts and bolts of the UI, it is important to keep in mind that the data and the user interface are distinct aspects of a system.

Let’s take a moment to reinforce a key aspect of using a browser to access a database hosted on a server.

In other words, the relationship hasn’t changed: it is still a front-end/back-end relationship.

The front-end connects to the back-end, and the back-end stores the data.

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In this article I’ll focus on the essential elements of PHP you’ll need to use an existing Access database online.

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