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Users of other browsers can mimic these extras with plugins, however, so this is unlikely to swing most users one way or another.These broad strokes aside, there are relatively few differences in look and feel, though that doesn’t mean finding a preference is difficult.An extremely close look at each will show signs that text has begun to blur due to the scaling involved, but everything remains readable.Chrome and Opera show themselves to be far more readable at 125% than at 100% – on this page, at least.Opera, which has a photo background for its default home page, is the only one that adds any visual variety.All three of the browsers have a home page which consists of icons and/or previews of frequently visited websites that can be customized to include those specific websites you’d like featured.Chrome and Opera continue to show similarities in their streamlined options menus, which open a new tab in the browser instead of in a separate window.Firefox, meanwhile, keeps it old-school with a more traditional options menu, though the browser does open at least some of its options within the browser window, including plug-ins, history and print options.

All three are tabbed browsers, all three have a small main menu tucked into an upper corner of the display, and all three have a neutral gray-and-white theme.

The only important difference between the three is that only one, Chrome, is produced by a company with a reason to do something with your data besides keep it 100% secure.

Google has been clear about the fact that it examines Gmail data, so it’s hardly inconceivable the company would do the same with bookmarks and saved tabs.

If you could only choose one browser, which one would it be? That space has been filled by Chrome, Firefox and Opera, a trio of free competitors known across the globe.

The war between web browsers has become more diverse as Internet Explorer, the former giant of the space, has given up ground.

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Opera has a couple of unique customization options worth mentioning.