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Your heart thumps when your crush approaches your desk to ask you if you know how the printer works.You might even step up the quality of your work in the hopes of making a good impression.It’s nice to have a bit of your own life, and nice for the people around you to not have to always consider one extra layer when dealing with you or your spouse.” So keep in mind that a relationship might make you want to leave your current job sooner than you otherwise would.One woman who started a relationship with a superior (though not her direct supervisor) at her company says moving to a different firm was good for her relationship (although, she says, she left not because of the relationship but because she got an enticing offer).“I was basically just a human ATM for John—someone in the office he could go to for cash when he was hungry and wanted to go buy lunch,” said Benedikt.Falling in love at work is great, she said, but “working together when you are just in the normal relationship phase—no more intrigue or butterflies—that’s not great.

Benedikt says she discovered that being a “known and public couple” at work was different from the secret office romance they’d had before.

For instance: Don’t worry about how and when to tell your colleagues—that will take care of itself.

One person I spoke to just posted a picture of herself and her boyfriend to her Facebook feed.

Maybe—but she wouldn’t expect anyone to heed her advice.

“It's not ideal, but it’s almost inevitable,” she said, since co-workers spend lots of time together and tend to have shared interests.

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They ended up getting hired at advertising agency DDB in 2008 and have been working together ever since. Be careful about disagreeing publicly or people may read more into the disagreement than is actually there.

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